I have always loved free. So when Joe took the boys to a movie at the beach last night for free, I was thrilled. It’s also why we keep setting aside time to go to the bay.

The cost is gas (less than five miles) and sometimes (like today) includes a bag of chips.DSC09497But they are free to play,
DSC09414wade in the water,DSC09431pretend dive,
DSC09416and I don’t have to say much.DSC09424They share, look out for eachother, and are careful not to go too far.DSC09438At one point it was cloudy and rainy, but we stuck it out and still had fun.
DSC09428Olivine danced to the tunes of the next family overDSC09454which means she was all smiles to sit and sway, but doesn’t always like being put on the spot to perform.DSC09453These days she is full of talking (or maybe singing) with her jibber jabber that is nothing like Paul or Henry. Every five or six words one will be clear, like saying “eyes” or “nose”.DSC09455We know when it’s time to go because we try to plan it so we lay her down for her nap at homeDSC09489before she is cranky. Today Paul fell asleep as well, giving Henry plenty of time all to himself.

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