Out of Town

A quick trip to stay at my aunt’s house.  She gave me some old clothes of mine (that now fit Olivine-check it out) that she found in her garage.

DSC00864We fed her koi fish,DSC00868hung out in the backyard,

DSC00850and the boys invited her neighbor over to play before dinner.

DSC00862We woke up early today from there and went to the San Diego Zoo.DSC00879We rode the tour busDSC00887and saw so many animalsDSC00895We also walked and could appreciate these moving walkways at the steepest points.DSC00896Henry loved the statuesDSC00899especially when he could climb on them.DSC00924Olivine liked when the stroller could be next to the glass and the animals were up close.DSC00912Paul had been looking forward to seeing  the “dragon.”DSC00918They made bug faces. DSC00932I never knew they had a giant ant farm at the zoo.DSC00935After five hours Olivine fell asleep just as we were leavingDSC00938and on the freeway everyone else crashed out.DSC00940We are determined to finish the summer strong.

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