the once a year occasionDSC00965where we wake papa up early with yelling “Happy Birthday!”DSC00967and a balloon (Henry’s idea-again)DSC00988and presents.DSC00989I am a bit predictable with the always giving a book.DSC00991Grammy took the boys shoe shopping,
DSC00984but also brought some treats for the birthday boy (yes, it’s a giant tub of red vines).DSC01003His choice for dinner (anywhere) and wouldn’t you know he chose the patio at Super Mex.

DSC00987 His recovery is going well and I am hoping this beer helps him sleep a little better than he has been.DSC00986Of course we didn’t forget a cakeDSC00993and a little singing too.

DSC00995We are celebrating a birthday that marks the half way point of his thirtiesDSC00999so far it’s been incredible and I really would give this guy (who doesn’t need much) anything, because he’s worth it. Happy Birthday Mr. Sullivan!

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