Yesterday I sat across the table from Joe in the parklet at Lola’sDSC01055listening to the laughter and chatter of our children in the backgroundDSC01065who love to tell secrets these days.
DSC01063I recognize in myself the emotions of awe mixed with a twinge of disbelief in the blessings God has bestowed on me.
Joey1978 RulezSure there is plenty of miscommunication, frustration, and chaos in my life. But when I pause long enough to recognize the milestone of one more year of marriage (eleven is our total) and the sheer grace God has shown me, I shake my head to see if I’m dreaming, because at times it can feel very overwhelming and undeserving.Joey1978 RulezJust like my early dinner, in life, I am discovering how easy it is to pick up my fork and dig in because it is delicious.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Sullivan.

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