are a bit mysterious around here.DSC01262These two boys will take out paper and just start cutting
DSC01259 and then pause to search for more tools: staplers, rulers, pens, & crayons.DSC01260Their desire to create is obvious and it isn’t about skill level. So I train myself to hold back the offers of help or instructions on how to use specific tools (the teacher and mom part of me) and instead just observe the construction site.DSC01265They also love to be “authors” who sit down and write while sipping water.DSC01264These moments I want to save up and treasure. I keep wondering what these boys will be like as adults. Some of these games feel like dress rehearsal for life. The skills of negotiating, helping, problem solving, and choosing particular words to express ideas take time and practice.

God, thank you for Monday nights. When baby sleeps soundly and papa goes to school, the three of us can spend time together.

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