When I woke up this morning I was reminded that a diver had been using the tub lastDSC01294and if I had any doubts, my fridge has proof of Paul’s constant love for diving.DSC01295I haven’t yet decided what to store in these baskets for Miss O – but I love them.DSC01296I noticed this lovely handmade instrument in their room from a weekend project.DSC01298And did I mention that Joe is an awesome pizza maker who somehow attributes his talents to his days of working at Domino’s in the Tenderloin.

DSC01293I would say it’s much more likely that he learned a ton while delivering pizzas via bike, but as for becoming a gourmet chef. He’s just good at experimenting with food.DSC01299Last on my list is these two. After taking a shower they use our mini hand towels. They go between insisting I tie them around their waste so they can look like papa, to wanting the towels twisted and wrapped like they see their momma do with her hair.

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