Paul can’t handle surprises (he gets it from me) so the whole car ride he is listing off the possibilities…are we going fishing? tide pools? friend’s house? hiking? and he finally resigns himself to an adventure?DSC01331Yeah!  at the LACMA!DSC01404the boys loved seeing Metropolis IIDSC01343with tons of cars and trains racing around.DSC01346Then there was the hanging out in the plastic tubing
DSC01352that I kept calling “yellow spaghetti.”DSC01355So fun for little ones.DSC01386Eventually wandering over to look at the tar pits
DSC01359and a little tree climbing.DSC01366I swear this was left over from an Easter egg hunt, but Paul was stoked to find it in the bushes.
DSC01370It was Sunday afternoon art projects at the museum.DSC01375They painted and made braceletsDSC01393while the little one waited patiently nearby.
DSC01380Of course we had to stand under the “Levitated Mass” rockDSC01390and after three hours and a little sunshine this was our sweet relief:DSC01411Paul had strawberry lemonade
DSC01409and Henry had pineappleDSC01415they were willing to shareDSC01416and then we headed home.DSC01419Another awesome day spent exploring a place in our own backyard.

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