I am a skeptic at times, but then my kids give me a chance to see pieces of generosity…like when Paul and Henry went on another crafting binge and covered the window. (They too have discovered the magic of double stick tape)DSC01432

In the midst of crafting under an open window they saw and greeted our neighbor. Suddenly with her on his mind, Paul drew and cut out a building with a stapled roof and colorful windows. He wrote our neighbor’s name and asked if he could run upstairs and leave it on her doorstep. I loved it. My heart expanded thinking of his simple and sweet act of kindness.DSC01420Two days later when we went outside and this was waiting for him, I caught myself pondering more about how I can live a life with the intention of brightening someone else’s day.
Thank you Paul, you inspired me to make more of an effort, even in the smallest way.

One response to “Altruism

  1. this was such a fantastic post. Kids are great that way, aren’t they?

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