Love Abounds

So I should be the one end on the giving end. My sweet friend has a newborn, just moved into her first home, and somehow she found the time to send me a gift.DSC01581But I have to stop here and say that work has been awful. I try not to use this space for that sort of comment. I took Thursday and Friday off. I went to my first ever session of cupping in search of some relief for my stress (it worked) but only after calling another good friend (I’m talking sister level) to come over and pray with me on Thursday morning. So much of me feels desperate.DSC01568I went back to work today but without resolution to some of my most pressing problems. Underneath the surface is always those voices about “not being good enough” and “needing to do more” which feels even more dangerous as a teacher. Until I walked in the door this afternoon to find my package and sat down on the couchDSC01582to read a card, find chocolate and a book, and feel the love overflowing from these hand-wrapped gifts.  All the way from Portland, right into my lap I know I am loved and thought of and missed and that means so much today.

I miss you Angela. Kiss your new baby Theo for me. Thank you for loving me.

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