Happy Halloween

I used my costume from last year to wear to work. We had a parade and a “trunk or treat” event. DSC01604We went out trick or treating around 6:30 pm in the neighborhood.
Grammy bought them each a glow stick that kicked off the night.DSC01608Paul was the most nervous and cautious of the decorations. He’s not too fond of the blood, bones, witches, sights, and sounds that are creepy.DSC01606Papa came back from the store while we were out and Olivine was done with walking and the stroller.
DSC01611She was even done with saying “candy.” She just wanted to play with the cool light ring that was passed out. So he put her on the bike seat.DSC01622Papa told the little ones he had to go up a mountain on his bike to see a witch and so when we came back from trick or treating he showed them the drink she gave him.DSC01628Be careful baby girl (she has no idea that there is dry ice in there). Momma loves the last minute Papa stories he weaves for these babies. But even more ,I love that they didn’t believe him. They told him there was no such thing as a witch and that it was green fruit punch. But they loved it just the same.

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