Henry is at the early stage of literacy where he is reading signs and symbols that I don’t even see. Like this one, across the street.DSC02091It’s a sign about “being under surveilance” but the boys have read the sign and have told me many times that it is a “Warning” and states that I will be arrested by police if I take a picture of the garage (there’s an image of camera). Of course I insist, to just snap a photo of them and then we can see if the police will come. At the moment I take the picture, Paul goes to put his leg up on the garage door, it echoes, and Henry is sure that is the sound of the police coming. He bolts! (and I crack up)DSC02092But I do truly love the reading and so later when he is opening a lego packages and says see I told you “No Babies” he convinces me that he really is understanding what he reads.DSC02120

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