In Honor

This past week would have been my grandpa’s birthday and one place he loved to go was “out to brunch.” So today we went in his honor. We remember going almost one year ago:dsc06359-scaled1000We sat in the same booth and watched the boats.

DSC02197We went back for seconds and ate until our tummies were stuffed. The boys even came home and napped just like Jich would.


As I looked out across the table this morning there is so much that has happened in one year. So much I would want my Jich to see and know. Our little girls it talking up a storm and I wish you could hear her voice. Henry is almost as big as Paul, as we predicted he would be. Paul is writing a ton and loving kindergarten. Joe just finished the hardest semester ever and I have a second job. We are shopping around for a second car and desperately need your opinion. DSC02197We miss you. There are days like today where I can’t really believe you are gone.

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