I am generally the teacher who doesn’t adore field trips. They take a lot of work and can be exhausting. The bus ride is noisy and the continual counting of children makes me feel like a camp counselor. But yesterday’s trip to the Natural History Museum went better than expected.DSC02211When I came home I found Paul ready to just look at books and zone out. While the others were having their own adventureDSC02227“Momma…Daddy”DSC02233 and she points, adding “water”DSC02235I look out to see he is cleaning his bike and bike cart.

She has this pitch to her voice that is different when she says “daddy” to when she calls “daddy.”
DSC02229He is smitten for this baby girl in all her fickle and feisty ways. She calls to him like she needs attention and he drops everything.DSC02230She is spoiled I tell you.

She then calls “Kitty” and “Out” and “Come”DSC02236I snap this before she climbs off her chair and insists on going outDSC02238It is wet out back from all the dirty water and she is not happy to realize I don’t want to go out back with her. She yells “momma, hand!”DSC02239But I know that is mostly because of the steps. So I set her down. She sees Henry and papa.DSC02247She finds a tiny brush and gets to work.

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