The Eve

We are hanging out (and the stockings are hung)DSC02343about to enjoy some finger foods this afternoon with Grammy
DSC02346and a bit of holiday cheer.DSC02348After a weekend jam packed.
Starting with the dentist (every winter break and summer break- right away-we go!)Joey1978 RulezI love all the cards in the mailDSC02347The boys have been enjoying extended lego play. I overheard them playing “Santa” and leaving presents at the nativity scene. DSC02339Saturday night was catching up with friends.
DSC02313My friend Cara is a lovely host
DSC02308who has fabulous taste and fun decor in every corner.DSC02323I snapped dozens of photos of her house (I swear I am not being creepy).
DSC02317Sunday was pancakesJoey1978 Rulezthen church in the a.m. and a ton of car dealerships in the p.m.  I have yet to get a car. And for anyone wondering: I have been convinced I won’t be buying the Fiat even though I love it (mint green please). I also won’t be leasing any cars. I did test drive and I do promise to have a car within the next week. Suggestions? I came home with a headache and so glad my family was spared all the hassle of the dealerships.
DSC02340I woke up early Monday to run (Finally!) and take the kids out to the playground. Someone loves to pretend sleep in the swings. I know that exact feeling. Eyes closed. Hair blowing, Safety of Swing. Winter sunshine. Cool breeze on cheeks.DSC02324In the evening I went out with two ladies I love and we ate at Avanti Cafe (new to me and now I love-go vegetarian!)DSC02341I am in need of some serious slowing down, which is the plan for the next twenty-four hours, as we count down to the birth of our Savior.

Blessings to you today.

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