The holidays were wonderful and these are just a few of the highlights:

Christmas Eve included time with GrammyDSC02355and an all around toast to a year that has changed us.
We feel the absence of one special personDSC02358but still we gather to ease the pain and focus on the family we do have.Joey1978 RulezPaul learned how to play Hangman.
DSC02360Then we spent some time walking through Naples to admire the lights and the little ones wore their new jammies.
Joey1978 RulezWe woke up to a Christmas morning filled with surprises.
DSC02374We are going with two traditions around here:
new jammies on Christmas Eve and stockings full of love.Joey1978 RulezOlivine loved her chapstick and lotion
DSC02375Paul was requesting a watch, a clock, and a calculator which cracks me up. Although Olivine insisted the calculator was a “baby iPod.”Joey1978 RulezHenry is good with anything. He likes unwrapping more than anything else.
Joey1978 RulezI was given an array of nail polish
DSC02366along with an opportunity to visit the papa salon with my boys in the living room.
It was deluxe!
Then we headed outdoors to climb on rocks near the water, met a fisherman who showed up the clams he uses for bait,
Joey1978 Rulez
came home for naps and went back out during the sunset at the park. Just being mellow and grateful for California sunshine.Joey1978 RulezIt really felt like a summer day.Joey1978 RulezSometimes there are moments where I glimpse heaven, and this season has been one of those. Really Beautiful.

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