With some missed plans over the last month (I got sick, then they got sick) we were overdue for some hang out time with Jessica, Mike, and Miss Fiona.DSC_1192They came over as naps ended- well timed.
We played a little and then headed out for late lunch/early dinner.
This is technically Joe’s cousin who I have become much closer to in the last two years so she feels like my cousin too. So much of our extended family has passed away, become estranged, or sometimes is just plain busy. But this lady has been a gift in so many ways. Can you tell by the photo that she makes me laugh? She is definitely related to Joe.DSC_1148I shouldn’t pass up commenting on Mike who is her husband. He is laid back and has no problem handling a crowd. My kids think he is so cool and love to climb on him. They aren’t necessarily like this with everyone. They are lovable but all this affection. It’s given out to those who are deserving.DSC_1147He comes close, but does not top this super dad. Who has been a bit more at ease I will admit-one week into our second car-he drives children around town. He claims it comes from the calm deep in his spirit about safety. I say that every year he gets a little wiser and a tad bit more handsome.DSC02456The highlight might have been the strawberry popsiclesDSC02459a little summertime teaseDSC02462so cold we had to share bites.
DSC02460The softness of the light at a winter sunset is so nice on the eyes
DSC_1152matched with all the boats.DSC_1149We walked over to the arcade and looked at all the flashy lights
DSC_1166Mike may have even put a couple quarters in this mini merry go roundDSC_1181and then like always; time slipped by quickly and it was time to say good night.

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