In the Spirit

We definitely have a little holiday cheer going around, following our little girl’s birthday. Last night Henry & Paul helped load the bags of candy (Olivine & Henry will give them with love to their teachers).DSC02819I didn’t order Minted cards this time (Judy- I know you don’t want my money going to that company that you worked for) so I ordered from Pear Tree Greeting (thanks Jenny-a fellow passionate paper lover) and I am more than pleased with how they turned out. The bags were just from the dollar bin at Target.DSC02823Paul has a class set. He stamped them. Picked out his own stamp at Michael’s and ink pad.DSC02661I am looking closely at the design choice. I think he loves the store Target. But also he has been staring in his class and telling me about the “Learning Target” where his teacher writes the new science topic. He has learned about wind this week and he can’t wait to find out what will go in the “target” next.
DSC02679He then tucked his photo (so handsome!)DSC02671and treat into the library pockets (left over from that rockin’ book  themed baby shower a few months back)
DSC02674And so yes. We love passing out treats, taking photos, and this is a holiday that I am okay with choosing to be less about romance and more about being crafty and telling folks we love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day (tomorrow)

3 responses to “In the Spirit

  1. Richard RR Frias

    Hi I miss you, has one of them learned the ukulele yet?

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