Unfortunately, try as I might, between papa (Joe) and Grammy this youngest one of ours seems to be spoiled. She had a second celebration this past Monday. With homemade hello kitty cupcakesJoey1978 Rulezand yes even a baby doll.Joey1978 RulezLook closely, do you see the gift? My mom bought her the Asian looking, baby cabbage patch. Either you love it or you hate it, right?

According to Olivine- This doll is fantastic! Especially because the perfect sized hole in her mouth can hold her bottle when shoved hard enough. The baby eats hands free and that makes Olivine crack up.

She likes to take this new baby and squeeze her through the bars of her crib to lay her down. She will say “shhh..baby sleep” and then in two seconds baby is awake and she comes out saying “baby hungry.” So much role playing.

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