Tide Pools

Across the bridge, there is a smaller aquariumJoey1978 Rulezperfect to visit on a weekend when Long Beach is hosting the Grand Prix near our local aquarium.Joey1978 RulezWe are fans of the water and shells and rocks, but we don’t love the sand.
Joey1978 RulezWhen it is a low tide the tide pools are the best:
Joey1978 Rulezmaking for lotsJoey1978 Rulez of exploring,
Joey1978 Rulezclimbing,Joey1978 Rulezand discovering.Joey1978 RulezHenry found a “snow” rockJoey1978 Rulezand there was a seal being moved off the rocks, escorted back to the ocean. Close enough to hear the sounds she made and watch her make a safe return.
Joey1978 RulezThese three are such ocean babies, soaking up sunshine together.
Joey1978 RulezThey are all healthy and that is something we aren’t taking for granted these days.

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