B is for

beginning our busy week

bunny on the door (thanks Paul)DSC03133baby wearingDSC03211brothers blowing bubbles and swinging at them for random pointsDSC03217biking around the marina, but taking a break to watch fishingDSC03221and one of our favorite places: the bayDSC03229where Olivine wore her new ballerina-ish bathing suitDSC03231basking in the sun, on Grammy’s lapDSC03240boys brought boogies boards
DSC03230baby eventually fell asleepDSC03241and I had to lay her down, she gets heavy, but thankfully she didn’t budge.DSC03247Boys started burying each other in the sand
DSC03239busting open shells, hoping seagulls would come close enough to touch
DSC03235and spending an unbelievable amount of time side by side, playing.
DSC03248Because Joe has a huge project due tonight, he missed most of our day, but he drew us a comicDSC03259and tomorrow he will be able to relax.




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