Santa Barbara

Our mini road trip this spring break.DSC03336We stayed in a yurt at Lake Cachuma.DSC03338One of those last minute vacancies where we benefit because it is difficult to make plans months in advance. I imagine as my kids get older or I become more organized, plans may come together sooner than a week before. But not yet.
DSC03318Admittedly I have wanted to check these out for awhile. I honestly don’t love sleeping in a tent on the ground.DSC03334 A yurt feels like a compromise.
DSC03309I also believe in letting the kids run wild, with little distraction, and learning how to appreciate nature.Joey1978 RulezSo when we woke up and Paul started sketching his point of view I was thrilled. When and where else will he see this? I want those sorts of experiences for my children as much as I want them for myself.DSC03333Joe loves to let them rock throw whenever possible into water. At the lake, Henry was into the really heavy rocks that would make a big splash.
Joey1978 RulezWe squeezed in a trip to the local zoo. As a family, we agreed gorillas are fascinating animals. Olivine and I could watch him eat grass all day, while Henry has a pretty good impression of his face.Joey1978 RulezWe also weren’t going to pass up the giraffe feeding.DSC03342Their tongues are amazing and surely intimidated Olivine, who at the last minute didn’t want to give her lettuce to the giraffe.DSC03345On the way home, we stopped along PCH to check out waves and dolphins and surfers. One of the best ways to stretch your legs. Hello Pacific Ocean.
Joey1978 RulezI am grateful again for a family that completes me. I could really be anywhere (advice I recently overheard Joe giving to friends who are moving to the Coachella Valley) and truly the company is what matters. When we are busy with the day to day I can loose sight of how happy I am to have this team. I can confidently give thanks a year after loosing my grandfather. I still miss him like crazy and wish he was around to see this growing family. Life has a strange tension when it comes to love and loss and grief and healing.

My family and I needed this spring break. Even if it was short.

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