Malibu Creek State Park

The campsite was clean and spacious.DSC00337On the drive in the mountains, we spotted this Hindu temple nestled in the mountains. Note to self: I need to go to India someday.DSC00445The kids had plenty of room to find big sticks,
DSC00334look at lizards,
DSC00297draw with markers,DSC00291spend time together,
DSC00301read books,DSC00370experiment with the camera filter,
DSC00311play with glow sticks,DSC00374make scary faces,DSC00380use our sleeping bags, side by side, squeezed into one tent
DSC00384gather rocks,
DSC00292and go on a hike.DSC00410We agreed that the shady parts of the path were best, and the sun made us sweat a ton.
DSC00432The lake was a one mile climb
DSC00411and the boys made it,DSC00419there and back.
DSC00408I think I might really enjoy a whole season with these people,
DSC00397who are actually My People. DSC00371The folks I want to have endless adventures with and who make me smile. I get to spend a life time with this group and I am so excited.

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