Twenty-Four Hours

I like to admit that the days are never dull around here. For instance Paul lost his first tooth.DSC00218He sounded like he found a Golden Ticket, as he joyfully announced “My tooth fell out!”DSC00221Of course he pushed it out (it’s been loose for over a week) as he was biting the pieces of legos in his mouth to separate the pieces (We’ve been over this before: I say legos can ruin teeth. He asks how? Now he knows. Legos help teeth fall out).DSC00223For the occasion we were able to use his newly made pillow. He tucked the tooth in a pocket on the pillow. We told him after he slept we would trade him, his tooth for a dollar, but no stories of a tooth fairy have surfaced. He was thrilled to go to sleep, a little giddy even.

Only moments later, Henry fell out of the top bunk. He was leaning out of Paul’s bed to throw his pillow down into his bed. He lost his grip and made the craziest screech. Nothing was broken but he has a good mark of where he scraped his back.

DSC00453The next morning, all five of us were stopped at a light and we were hit from behind. All I kept thinking was how grateful I was that none of us were hurt. An older woman hit us because she was confused when the light turned green but our arrow to turn didn’t. A little scary, the bumper saved us, and that was really just a “fender bender”

DSC00456but it also reminds me that I never know what will happen in the next twenty-four hours.



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