Henry’s Friend

Henry is just getting to the age (four) where he has his own friends. Julia is a younger sibling of Paul’s friend Thomas, but Henry sometimes calls her his girlfriend.
I hear that sometimes they stand at the fence talking (at the child development center) or his teachers will take him over to her age group where he can play with her. On those days he would come home talking up a storm about “playing princesses” and listening to Julia talk about the kitty in her backyard.
In fact last Wednesday they greeted each other at the Farmer’s Market by running full speed and then hugging for the longest time. He likes to lift her up a little as he bear hugs her. She will giggle and squeeze back.
Honestly Henry adores her, so when she turned five and had a Frozen party we were all in. DSC00557Especially when we heard Princess Anna would be there.
DSC00556When the bounce house was empty, somebody snuck inDSC00564and eventually worked up the courage to hold hands with the life size pinata.DSC00570Henry doesn’t always like to sit still. I was surprised at how attentive he was to the story and joined in on the crafts. He made an Olaf sculptureDSC00574and an Olaf necklace. He even wanted his picture with Princess Anna.
DSC00565I know he is also mentally taking notes about the details of a birthday party. He is incredibly eager to turn five (like Julia) and have his first party. That has been our promise; at five you can invite all your friends and have a cake and pinata and we will sing to you.DSC00567This kind of afternoon has little boys talking and playing out back, while on the couch DSC00572the youngest and oldest were taking a rest.

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