Eating Outdoors

This is a Sullivan family pastime, enjoyed most parts of the year, living in Southern California. I might say that back in SF we had plenty of practice as a couple living in community and needing space to be alone (head to the beach or park with food). Or the fond meals spent in our outdoor patio as newlyweds, inviting others to make good use of our space.

These days it usually involves sandwiches and other items thrown into bowls. Last night’s dinner was tossed together in under ten minutes as we decided Farmer’s Market would be lovely. DSC00586

Long Beach has a Farmer’s Market almost every day of the week. Each one with it’s own vibe: Sunday is gigantic, Wednesday has a wonderful breeze, Friday is the hussle and bussle of downtown, but we are biased to Tuesdays: one block away is the best.DSC00584

We camp out on the grass, boys bring bikes, and baby likes to sample the fruits. Last night she was dancing a ton, and random singing. She and Henry will give the farmer’s a thumbs up if they like the fruit. DSC00587

Paul likes to people watch. This kid could look at people all day (me too). My favorite is multiple generations in a family and seeing the resemblances across the years. Or Joe and I like to play a game where we talk for people, who are far away out of ear shot, Paul will listen in and sometimes he will even pitch in a line.DSC00585Joe likes me to scout out breads and sauces and dips to try. Summer gives us the time and courage to try out new flavors and live less predictably.DSC00589Lots more play in our spirit these days.DSC00590If you are free on a Tuesday afternoon or evening you are welcome to join us at the Farmer’s Market. Nothing fancy but lots of fun.




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