Penny’s Party

Penny turned one and we were delighted to celebrate this milestone.DSC00681This is Joe’s genuine pleasure at such a laid back event.
DSC00624It was the ultimate summer party
DSC00621with water play
DSC00629 and a hammockDSC00605turned soccer goal.DSC00685I envy the wrap around yard of this corner house in Corona. The yard feels like a small park with grass and fruit trees, squash, tomatoes, garden sheds, a wooden deck to hang out on, flowers, and a picket fence.
The sunshine is abundant and so staying hydrated becomes my mantra. I love when they listen.DSC00630Henry made sure to take care of his sister in the throngs of children.DSC00676Then we drove home and the fog rolling in over our neighborhood makes me grateful that only so close to the ocean, in the middle of summer, do you find such strange weather. Luckily, we know enough people with fantastic yards to visit that I am content to be where we are.

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