Hours Outdoors

Today there was plenty to do with friends: feeding India’s pet guinea pigDSC00714going to the park for bike riding
DSC00721hiding in bushes, running while holding hands, and digging holes.DSC00731Meanwhile the four of us adults can do a ton of talkingDSC00724But the highlight of the day was meeting our newest baby friend- Leila.
DSC00729I caught her with her eyes open here, looking at her brother.
DSC00716Then there was lunch break followed by fort building and slip and slide fun.
DSC00746I loved watching each of them take a turn
DSC00752and give their slide it’s own styleDSC00747but it was hard to not also be nervous about someone getting hurt in the chaos.
DSC00767I was relieved when Olivine was sitting in the kiddie pool away from the sliding.
DSC00740She dried off first, because eventually the entire crew migrated to the mini pool.DSC00772 When it was time to dry off, these two whispered about getting married. Oh how I remember the days of laying on warm cement with heavy breathing from playing until legs ache. DSC00778 I wish I could bottle up this sunshine and these days, to carry me through the rest of the year. It’s why I keep this blog. I need the visual reminders of these days, when I am in the middle of hard working school days or feeling like a subpar parent. DSC00777I want to capture the scene of driving home today and Henry asking if today is summer. When I ask back “why, do you like it?” He nods with two thumbs up and my heart is grateful that he notices a change in the season because the mood has shifted. We are slowing down a bit, having more time together, and lightyears away from the stress of the school year.



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