Swap Meet

I walk the aisles and can’t help but remember my grandfather. This is a place he could wander around in. My children have the same excitement. We spent close to three hours just walking and looking.

DSC00963My grandfather could bargain. He never paid full price. I am all about the one dollar items (check out the swim mask-all her own and her new snail).

DSC00961The boys sat in the shade for a while and watched the World Cup game, while Joe snacked on corn.

DSC00962Oh how I wish my grandfather could have seen these three kids at this age. He would have spoiled them. They walk just like he did, with hands behind his back, slow and curious. They aren’t afraid to ask “how much?” and walk away when the price is too high. They love all the random items set out. Henry laughed out loud when he saw a sink. While Paul tried on helmets, bought a wrist band, and made a list of all the items he wants “next time.” 


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