DSC01049I am thirty-five today but I often find myself answering “thirty-something” because I honestly can’t always remember my age. I know that my height has been the same since fifteen and those fifteen extra pounds could be attributed to three babies (allotted five pounds each).

I love that I can say to my hair stylist “shorter” and wave my hands around as if they are revealing the image in my mind. Other than that, I don’t have to be more descriptive because he has learned that I am indecisive. My mom can vouch, if stuck to decide I might pass an opportunity up all together.

I hate that I catch myself judging people based on their choice of shoes. Flip-flops are everywhere and my kids love them. But are they really shoes?DSC01046I am afraid of dogs, horses, and volcanoes. None of which are nearby, but I secretly worry they could be or what would happen if they were in closer proximity.

I wish I would have learned earlier in life how fun movie nights are with a projector connected to the computer.

I recently went to the chiropractor for the first time. I didn’t know those sounds could come from my bones.

I love sparkling water, especially as I discover new flavors. Jessica recently introduced me to a coconut sparkling water that I adored.

I forgot I had children with me in the West Elm store today. Luckily, there was an Ice Cream Social that my mom took them to, while I drooled over the furniture and rugs.

DSC01050I use food as a way to celebrate and mourn most events in my life: big and small.

I have taken two bags to the thrift store every week this summer. I don’t know if it has made an impact on anyone in my family. But I intend on continuing to purge through our belongings.

I bought two embroidered pillows (inspired by Angela and Ben’s home) that are my motivation to now make my bed, which I haven’t faithfully done since I was seven when my mom taught me how to hide my pillow with a fold in my Strawberry Shortcake bedcover.

I plan every trip our family takes, starting with our honeymoon. I am in the midst of planning our road trip to Salinas and San Francisco next week with points of interest and vegetarian spots to eat at.

I envy people who save money to travel to exotic places. I want my children to see many places and hopefully some of that will be as a family.

I want to be better at meal planning and apologizing. If I could somehow figure out a way to make these two practices my natural response I think life would be increasingly easier.DSC01052I hope I am raising children who are kind, polite, and forgiving. Lord have mercy.





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