Mermaid Party

Fiona turned two and had a mermaid party. Olivine wore a special dress up outfit:
Joey1978 RulezI made some snacks
Joey1978 Rulezthe Jello had a strange consistency. I never made it before, but I thought it would be easy. Guess, I should practice more.Joey1978 RulezJessica had plenty of sea themed snacksJoey1978 Rulezand treats (white chocolate on top-yum!)Joey1978 RulezThe best piece on the table had to be this amazing fruit bowl Uncle Chris carved:
Joey1978 RulezJessica had a treasure hunt for the kids.
Joey1978 Rulez She had big kids hide eggs and little kids go hunt. There was a giant egg that Henry found.

Joey1978 Rulez
Mustaches were one of the prizes inside:Joey1978 RulezHuge hit! More than enough food (I took some extras), a slip-n-slide (that I didn’t snap photos of), a ton of mermaid presents, and did I mention that Jessica is having a baby next month. So she should have been pooped. I also feel lucky that I can call them family.
p.s. This means there will be a baby to cuddle soon enough and I can’t wait.

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