*I spent two days this summer helping my friend Pilar go through her mother’s three bedroom condo. We (a small group of us) made quick progress through the two bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. It was the office, with the papers and files and boxes. I started thinking, we all did, aloud about the stuff the we keep. Oh it brought a deep ache to my heart. I hate the idea of leaving behind a mound for my children to go through. Just look at all the e-waste we found:DSC01037*Plus the lingering doctor appointments and my imagination going wild. This mystery disease in my liver brings up all my feelings of frustration and fear from when Joe’s mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Where did it come from? Why isn’t there a cure? It is all so scary. (I am currently awaiting blood tests) But this means there is no time like the present. What am I waiting for?

*Then there was the candid conversation months ago with my friend Melissa on my doorstep about the ideal closet containing only a set of clothes. The basics but able to coordinate that fit well and we like. Clothes that we like, wear often, and are versatile. My closet needs a motto that resembles my children’s toys: less is more. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed because there are so many choices. I want to enjoy and use each piece.

So I did a huge purge. To help my brain I tallied up each article by category: skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, etc. The goal was whatever the number was, I had to cut the number in half or less. Who needs 32 dresses? (I now own 17) or 24 skirts (yay for an even dozen) and 18 pairs of pants for my two legs (I own 9). These numbers come from the same lady who has stood in front of the closet unable to put an outfit together and insisting I have nothing to wear.
I found items that I could no longer figure out why I was holding on to, besides being sentimental. Like one of my favorite pair of pants that I haven’t worn in ten years:Joey1978 RulezI turned the counting into a game and even made Joe play at the end. “Guess the number? “(He was so close, it was scary) He actually has half the closet now, plus we have empty space:DSC01110I am even using the new hangers Pilar gave me. By the end I had tried it all on, demanding I decide if I loved the item or not, and in the process filled up 6 trashbags (4 to donate and 2 to toss).
Joey1978 RulezMeanwhile Joe had gone through our craft dresser and reorganized drawers. I was equally embarassed by the strange items I had been saving. This pencil is from my middle school. Why?Joey1978 RulezAt least we can laugh. By the end, it is seriously one big burden lifted. I did it! I am ready for more.DSC01045I feel happier than this smile shows. It is on the inside. After three babies and many different phases I just wanted to start clean. And hey, maybe I can go through my closet now every six months.

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