Mini Golf

is what Joe decided he wanted to do for his birthday.Joey1978 RulezAfter breakfast, before the sun was too hot, we headed out.
Joey1978 RulezAn excellent opportunity for turn taking and practicing patience.
Joey1978 Rulez We laughed as Henry hit it too soft, and the ball would roll back down (again and again)
Joey1978 Rulezand we laughed when papa hit it so hard it would fly off the mini course. He even lost one ball in the water.
Joey1978 RulezOllie would swing over and over and miss. It’s a hand-eye coordination technique she hasn’t mastered.

Joey1978 RulezPaul was our guy who hit it just right. He even had a hole in one! Joey1978 RulezWe came home for naps and an early dinner, followed by ice cream and cake.Joey1978 Rulez
The perfect combination for this heat and our Papa- we hope you had a happy birthday. As for presents, we did practical: a watch band, new pillow, and new shoes.
Joey1978 Rulez
Make a wish!!

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