An Even Dozen

I found this card to give him for our anniversary today.Joey1978 RulezI still can’t really believe that we went from a couple to a family in what feels like a short time:
Joey1978 RulezWe were lucky enough to be given this cake by my mom:
Joey1978 Rulezand to spend lunch at our favorite vegan sushi places- Shojin.
Joey1978 RulezThey opened a second location with a prix fixe brunch menu.
Joey1978 RulezAnd yes, their crunchy pirate roll has corn flakes on top.
Joey1978 RulezWe had the place to ourselves for talking and laughing and even singing.Joey1978 RulezThis is the way we bond best: food and conversation.Joey1978 Rulez Also, this location in Culver City is around the corner from a delicious cupcake place
Joey1978 Rulez which was perfect for saying thank you to Mimi (she watched our three rascals who were pink faced and sweaty bragging about their homemade popsicles). They hardly noticed we were gone.

One response to “An Even Dozen

  1. Dona

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Annenvirstry. I can still remember your wedding. ❤️ Hope to see you all soon. The kids are getting so BIG !! 🙂 love, Dona

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