Back to School Night

Last night I was asleep by 8 pm, after twelve hours at work. Grateful Grammy could help watch little ones while Joe went to class. Grateful Pilar was comfortable having Paul at her house swimming, without parental support.

I am slowly taking advantage of ideas I see on pinterest (it’s easy to be overwhelemd). So I made a treat for each student.DSC01126I have thirty kids and thirteen families showed up. Not even half, but I am always happy to see who does show up and hear their insights into their children. I have more girls this year. A couple who have been retained and one who skipped first grade, this means I have the ages of 6 through 8 (going on 9) in one room. Besides age, I have the range of skills in reading, writing, and math. Let’s just say, my work is cut out for me this school year.

It feels strange to already fully be back and my little boys haven’t even started. Next week! And this year two will be in uniforms with backpacks.  Meanwhile Joe is really getting to the “good stuff” at school. He is taking four classes and they are all focused on special education. I can tell he already loves it.


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