Angels Win

Joe took the boys (and a friend) to an end of summer, Friday night game.Joey1978 RulezAnd I can promise I have been hearing about the details for weeks.Joey1978 RulezGrammy bought them hats just in time.Joey1978 RulezThey ate veggie dogs, drank lemonade, and cheered loudly (or so I hear).Joey1978 RulezI waited up and they came home after ten pm with sleepy eyes wanting to recount the details of a cracked bat and a player stealing bases.Joey1978 RulezI helped them change and brush teeth all the while talking about how the Angels beat the “loak-land A’s.”  Looks like after all these years of marriage Joe has some people to go to baseball games with. I really can’t sit still that long and watch a sport move slow in scores and innings. But I love listening to the enthusiasm of my boys and the light in their eyes. Once again, I am learning to look with fresh eyes at the world and see baseball in a new light. If they love it this much, maybe I can.

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