First Day

Joe and I both had our moments this morning.Joey1978 RulezWe remembered when Paul started TK (Transitional Kinder) and we had a toddler and a baby in our arms. I fought back tears all morning.Joey1978 RulezI could tell from these photos they were nervous and excited and just wanting to be there already.Joey1978 RulezI am grateful for a job and an administrator who supports my choice to miss work today. It was a last minute decision but I have a reliable sub contact and I didn’t want to miss this milestone.Joey1978 RulezI love that side by side, their backpacks are such a reflection of their personalities. Paul’s is a bit more stylish (even the inside is striped) and Henry’s says “happy camper.” If my investment pays off, these should last longer than this year (fingers crossed). Plus, I really don’t like cartoon backpacks, shoes, or clothes. These were a summer search, because naturally my kids gravitate to those unmentionables.Joey1978 RulezPaul hardly needed a hug. He just wanted to be with his friends. While Henry became suddenly very shy.Joey1978 RulezHis eyes watered up, we reminded him we would be back. Joe had to nudge me out the door. It was hard but so good. He was all smiles when we picked him up. He even has a friend Charlie (a girl, whose name I love) that he has known since he was three in his same class (a pleasant surprise). I am anticipating an awesome year, he has teacher whose name is Mrs. Love. She even called on Monday to welcome Henry to class. We are all back in school. It’s official, we are busy!

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