Little Tokyo

I am also fond of the name “Japangeles” for the area- is where we spent our Saturday afternoon into the evening.
DSC01144Starting with the Japanese American Museum
Joey1978 Rulezfeaturing an exhibit on the Dodgers was the main reason we went.
DSC01141As this exhibit closes, there is anticipation building over the upcoming celebration of Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary. We will surely be headed out there again, next month.
DSC01140I actually (like any good field trip) learned new information
DSC01136 about the history of this local baseball team in regards to race and equality.
DSC01138 Then we snacked on mochi ice cream

Joey1978 Rulezlistened to the street performer
Joey1978 Rulezand meandered our way into a restaurant for sushi and ramen.
Joey1978 RulezAlthough I didn’t capture it on film (no regrets for living in the moment instead of behind the lens). I will make it a point to acknowledge my children tried eel and squid at the shared table. I am proud of their risk taking and willingness to try something new. We have proudly fed them vegetarian meals but realize this is our choice. We want them to eventually decide for themselves if they want to eat meat. I strongly believe their choice should follow after learning or experiencing otherwise for themselves. What was their reaction? They loved the eel and Henry said the fried squid tasted like a worm. But there you have it, all three ate seafood last night.
Plus, Mimi can translate signs in Little Tokyo. We did get asked if we were sisters and started day dreaming again about a giant trip (nine of us in two families) to Japan. She goes almost every year and I have always wanted to go. But this is the kind of trip you plan, save, dream, plan some more, research, and who knows….I am hopeful. This is a place Joe and I would both love to take for so many reasons: speed train, hello kitty, crazy fashion, fresh noodles, and family history.

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  1. Dona

    Love what you do as a family. Keep it up. Love you guys.

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