Every time I am the recipient of a random note on my desk. Today it was a math problem created just for me to solve and I gush.
DSC01179Or when I notice he is back to practicing those ninja turtles. This time it is because he is excited about his friend’s costume. So he wants to practice and eventually draw him a picture.

DSC01177And then it is all his sports images where he illustrates these elaborate moments in a game complete with circles for an audience. He has just recently added captions so everyone knows what part of the game we are viewing. This time it was a hockey game.
DSC01184These moments of watching over his shoulder or across the room open the strangest memories of my own childhood. Like the teddy bear club I started in third grade. I would make these drawings and bracelets and folders to give to friends letting them know I thought they were special. Those tiny tokens of friendship at a young age are a sweet innocence I have long forgotten. This is one more amazing part of children. They remind me and even give me a chance to be younger. They remind me of how easy it is to make someone else smile. They remind me of the need to make space and to take time to be creative. Look at all these teams this guy came up with last night. I am particularly fond of the college team called “honey” where the mascot was a hive with tiny bees flying around it.DSC01182Then there is the younger bear. Who is all about watching and imitating and as my mother said to me. I quote her exactly when speaking to the older bear “copying is a form of flattery.”DSC01181He drew the Angels and Dodgers with some serious detail. Other times, he gets out a paper while I am doing homework with Paul. He sits quietly practicing letters and mixing in parts of his name. DSC01185Can I even begin to express how much I love this? These are those clues I get into the minds of my two favorite little boys. I am beyond fascinated and intrigued.

One response to “Glowing

  1. Dona

    Smart guys. I so enjoy watching them grow into great young men 👏👏👍❤️

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