Lucky Seven

The baby that made me a momma will be turning SEVEN tomorrow. He is a full grown kid who has started washing the dishes without supervision and reading a Babe Ruth biography independently. Most days he is wearing sports gear, unless he is in his school uniform. Like me, his face reddens when a fuss is being made over him (see below: he covered his face as we were singing). Often he can be heard make up songs or singing some radio tune like me, who learned it from my mom. This morning he told me he is looking forward to Christmas because he likes to watch “Home Alone” and “Elf” (this boy likes to laugh).

We celebrated this weekend
DSC_6947with a double feature dvd rental last night
DSC_6951and donuts this morning.
DSC_6942When I tried to sneak out, he was already up listening to music.
DSC_6961 So he and I went out early.
DSC_6957Grammy came over for lunch and cake
DSC_6995 with legos.
DSC_6978A late afternoon walk over to the park.DSC_7025We burn some energy chasing and hitting balls.DSC_7037Ending the evening with a wrapped book for his class (first grade tradition at his school).DSC_7048And we all start counting down. We have one more week of school, then a whole week off.


One response to “Lucky Seven

  1. Dona

    Happy Birthday Paul 7 years old. Wow !!!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

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