Busy Ones

The routine away from school throws us all off. The kids ask “when do you have to leave?” I get to proudly exclaim that I am home and free.
Everyday they found ways to entertain themselves and I didn’t hear any “I am bored” complaints.

They made notes for friends
DSC_7061played with legos
DSC_7131together or by themselves.
I found a template for cards. So we painted
DSC_7139 and colored “thank you” cards.DSC_7136We took in a sunset from Signal Hill
DSC_7253and looked across Los Angeles.
DSC_7238We had a movie night, painted our nails, played football outside and volleyball (with balloons) inside. They slept in on some days and woke up early other days. We started reading “By the Shores of Silver Lake” by Laura Ingalls Wilder and we cried to learn that Mary is blind and that their dog Jack has died. We are grateful that for the first time we had a week off for Thanksgiving. What a gift.


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