The Kisser

is what Henry jokes is his wrestling name. He will kiss his opponent until they give up or laugh.
He is learning about rhyming words and syllables at school. So in the car or in his room I hear him clapping out words and making rambling, rhyming lists.
I love how much he wants to help. He has been checking the water on our Christmas tree and turning on the lights as soon as it gets dark. I try to go heavy on the praise. I catch myself being grumpy with him when he is being a rascal. But that is his nature.
His favorite word these days is “gorgeous.” He uses it all the time and it surprises me every time. He might be talking about the dinner I set in front of him or the sunset we are looking at.
DSC_7535 And yes, that is him smiling this afternoon. He has a big scrape on his leg from falling at school. But is he sad? No, he is as happy as a clam.


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