Before Break

Joe had finals that included papers and tests and studying. So there were a few moments like this:


A reminder for those who think we are perfect, we most certainly are not. We give in.

DSC_7655Henry had a winter show. That I am sad I missed because my second graders had a show as well (that I had to be at). Joe recorded the singing for me. The teacher had somebody show up as Santa. Olivine saw him get out of  a jeep and that is all she could talk about. He didn’t come in a sleigh. So confusing and funny.

One response to “Before Break

  1. Dona

    Thanks for all of the up dates on your beautiful family. I love it. Love your Christmas card. 🎄 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Joyeux Noel. ❤️🎅🎄🎅❤️🎅🎄❤️

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