Holiday Highlights

waking up every morning and not being rushed, enough time for coffee and sitting with JoeDSC_7935reading stories to little ones who like booksDSC_7914a baby being adored by many (and Mike being home from Italy)DSC_7917Christmas lights- everywhere
DSC_7857and handmade crafts decorating the house, along with framed Christmas postcardsDSC_7977Joe making play dough with Olivine in pajamasDSC_7983watching the boys open their presentsDSC_7965and then later play like they are the “Wild Kratts” in their vestsDSC_8004tree climbing
DSC_7994picnics in the park
DSC_8022drawing and playing board gamesDSC_8050having Paul cook dinner (with my supervision), a vegan stew with dumplings
DSC_8161 and realizing we have another week of this time together.

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