It is when we are sick that we most appreciate our health, which is terrible and true around here. Starting last Sunday, Olivine slowly declined in health. Remember how truly optimistic I was on Monday night. I walk a fine line between being hopeful and naive, as Joe can testify. The consistently high fever combined with breathing difficulties gave me that deja vu feeling of caring for a newborn. We were waking every two hours in the night for breathing treatments and as evening approached I had that same feeling of apprehension. So we went to the doctor’s office on Friday morning just to know if there was anything more we could be doing to help our baby girl.


We were sad to hear how low her oxygen levels were, she has an ear infection on both sides and a respiratory infection. But slowly she is coming around, eating more and sleeping longer. I am craving a return to normalcy around here that I so desperately want. I want to file away the papers with all the times and medications recorded. Along with tucking the breathing machine and the humidifier back into their boxes. DSC_8680

This girl has to get better, she has a birthday to celebrate.

One response to “Return

  1. Dona

    Get better soon Olivine. 🎀🎀💕🎀🎀🎀🎀💓💓💓💓

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