This little munchkin named Olivine has been one of my biggest blessings. She was not the baby I pined after for years (that was Paul) or the unexpected surprise (of Henry). She was the fear of not being good enough. She came in the last semester of my Master’s program, and as a girl- all I could think was “How will I?” I have since discovered, in a twist of fate, that “How could I not?” This girl makes me wonder how I would have survived without her. I can’t really remember life before three years ago. I remember being nervous, but not much else.
She is creative. Like the other day when she told me she had figured out the password to my iPad. I asked, thinking maybe she really did, She said it was “please.”
She is sensitive: Joe said she was watching an online episode of Daniel the Tiger going to preschool. When he said good-bye to his parents she burst into tears.
She is funny. She puts her foot up to her ear and dials on her foot phone.
She is stubborn and has a temper like me. She doesn’t like hearing ‘no” and can stick up for herself pretty good. She is potty trained, a thumb sucker, has a ‘yum yum,’ writes some letters, and can count to twenty,
She likes to play babysitter with Henry, legos with Paul, and draw. Her dinosaurs are amazing.
She has friends at school named Chelsea, Elliot, and Annie. Sometimes when she gets an injury she likes to tell people she was bit my a shark.
In her honor and for all these reasons, we celebrated her turning three on Sunday with Grammy.
DSC_8696Starting with a breakfast buffet of her favorites: yogurt, fruit, and honey.


A pink theme is easy to assemble with all the Valentine’s decorations available.


She loves the singing and attention. Even when getting everyone to the breakfast table, she called “come to my party.”


After eating, we opened presents.


We didn’t get her the iPod she asked for or the swimming pool she said she really wanted. But we did get her a scooter (red micro mini) and a new helmet (My Little Ponies).


We put on her birthday outfit that Paul picked out for her (there is a cute vintage shop nearby)


and took a walk to the coffee shop for her to get a feel of her new helmet and new wheels.


She climbed around, showing how she is as active as her brothers.


Grammy came over for lunch.


We had more singing and a little dessert (from the Saucy Shop).


This girl loves chocolate.


She has to wait two more years for a big party. But don’t tell her that. Because she had one and she was happy all day. She went to bed saying “birthday again.”

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