Mike has been in Italy and now his family will soon be reunited. We wanted to see them before they left.
DSC_8892 They were sweet to celebrate Olivine’s birthday with cake and gifts. Her balloon says “hot stuff!”

DSC_8884We hung out in the backyard for hours.

DSC_8880It’s nice to loose track of time and let the kids run free. Paul dug around in the sand, jumped on the trampoline.
DSC_8870Henry ran the battery out on the kid car by going up the steepest part of the path.

DSC_8896Oh and you would of thought someone was going to take off with this baby.

DSC_8887Joe could not get enough. But when you see how smiley she is, well, she is pretty hard to resist.

DSC_8875Our only wish was these little rascals lived closer.



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