Flat Stanley

He is a character in a book that Paul’s class read. He was flattened by a bulletin board and now kids make their own Stanleys and mail them to people. Paul’s project stipulated Stanley had to travel outside the state so the class could map and discuss all the places he travels within the classroom.


Of course, this is the scenario in which I reached out to a tried and true pen pal (going on fifteen or so years). She and I have written from France, Vermont, New York, and now Portland. Can I just brag on what an impressively, exceptional job she did?


She of courses wrote a letter and snapped a few pictures (the essence of what Paul needs to bring into class to share).
But she also included a book and some postcards and just made the whole project fabulous. Paul was clearly excited and now eager for class on Monday to share his treasures.


This was so fun we might need to send Stanley out on some more adventures. Check your mailbox.

One response to “Flat Stanley

  1. Dona

    What a great idea, and what a great friend. Hope all is well. My love to all ❤️

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