Lucky Me

After the fever I had this past weekend and finishing another ten parent conferences today, I had been feeling worn down. Until I arrived home and found these:


The best part is, I didn’t order either. They are both subscription beauty boxes from my mom and Joe. Different companies and products, but similar concepts. My mom got the idea of the Glossy Box from Oprah. So double points.


Joe heard about the Birch Box from a woman. He filled out my profile and was so spot on. Triple points for him!


Those who know me, know I don’t wear make up but I like a nice lotion, hand cream, nail polish, and most of all I like MAIL. These packages were the icing on the cake for me today. A day full of good news. Earlier I found out that I did get into the Ed.D. Leadership program at CSULB and will be starting (deep breath) this June. As Joe finishes, I will go back and we have decided we have been living with less this long, might as well go for it now. The program won’t get cheaper. If all the cards line up, I will work less and Joe will work more. We will swap places for a little while. Ahhhh…never a dull moment. When these little ones go to sleep and Joe is at class looks like I have the perfect excuse for some self care, “me” time.

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