Healthy Henry

A first glance gage for Henry’s health is happiness. He has been a little under the weather all weekend. Every night he has battled a fever of 104 along with his barking cough that has miserable during the day due to lack of sleep. I called in a sub today, mostly because last time I took Olivine in, my pediatrician made me promise I won’t wait until day five of a high fever, but come in on day three.

While there, I had his blister checked on his hand. It has popped but looks very tender. I even remembered that Henry recently failed the hearing screening at school. So they did one in the office. The appointment felt productive, even if the flu and strep test came back negative.

He spent most of the afternoon in his bed. But he didn’t like the idea of me leaving the room for too long. I was able to clean the kitchen in spurts as he napped in spurts. I eventually resigned to just staying in the room.


I dumped out the dresser drawers one by one.

I practiced my Marie Kondo folding (yes, I have recently read, loved, and converted to The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up) and although I have yet to perfect the magic. I will testify that the horizontal folding for my children (particularly the one who likes dressing herself) makes for less of a mess, because she can see all the clothes in one glance.


At one point Henry really wanted to take a bath, so he sat in slightly chilly bubbles and the fever subsided enough to get in the car and go pick up siblings.


We had an early, easy, “make your own taco” dinner and man- it’s only Monday. On the one hand I am wondering how my weekend slipped by so quickly and on the other hand, I am wondering how I will survive the rest of the week.



Although I have no idea how it will happen, I am sure it will happen. As the song from the late 70’s goes, “I will survive!”

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