Small & Mighty

These two words keep popping in my mind when I behold this baby girl.


This was the dress she wore over her clothes several days in a row last week. Along with the dress came random outbursts of singing. Did she care she had a heat rash on her shoulder from wearing this constantly?


She had her three year old check up last week (a little late). The pediatrician has a formula for her age, height, and parents height to let us know that of our three kids she will be the shortest. To make up for it, she is determined to be the loudest.


She is still carrying around her blanket. We don’t let her take it to the child development center for nap and she is managing. It is unraveling and she pays no mind. But we have begun asking: “when will you not need your yum-yum?” So far, we are getting the clear answer of “When I am five.” This is reasonable.


I cut her bangs in the tub again. Not one of her favorite past times but she is increasing in patience. Some days she even lets me pull it back in a ponytail.


Some staples in her wardrobe are boots (she has two pairs: rain and cowgirl) and just like the boys. She realizes that boots are the easiest shoes for a toddler to put on herself. And she loves a good hat. This is baseball hat given to her by George. In the photo above she is insisting on being the leader and is about to get distracted by the amazing window display of the roller derby shop. They have hello kitty skates and girls who smile and wave from inside.

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